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When we talk about cultural differences we tend to think about differences in national cultures. But being involved in several international projects with people from different backgrounds and sectors, I noticed that even within one country, there are some cultural hurdles to overcome. Within a country differences might occur based on regional heritage, religion, history, local dialects and more.

But there is also something as the Company Culture. If we want know why some businesses are more successful than others, you might think about pragmatic or functional reasons, like a lower price or better technical specifications. But more important, a deal might be rewarded because both parties have a click. Like having the feeling this person, representing this company, will do as they promise. It’s about trust and leveling, based on the same believes.

The Company Culture is about how your organization handles things based on the norms and values in your enterprise. In more detail, it’s about the shared etiquettes, values, visions, rules, customs, beliefs and habits. It’s how your organization works, It’s how you and your colleagues, and in the end the external stakeholders, collaborate. You represent your company culture.

There are a few main drivers and focus points to be recognized in your organization. Is you company internal focused or external oriented? Is your organization open to flexibility and discretion vs. stability and control? What is the culture in your company, can you describe this?

This Company Culture is formed during the history of your company by all people present and by the new people joining your organization. Mostly it follows the changes during time, and is formed unintentionally on a subconscious level. But please know you can influence this culture. By steering your company culture the outcome in business results might be higher as expected. According some studies it can improve results by 200% or more. So why not give your company culture more attention and focus?

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