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WHAT IF… employers apply to candidates

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Since years candidates apply for jobs with employers. Where hundreds of applicants for one position, seems to be the new norm. These large numbers make that most applicants don’t receive an answer at all, or just a standard mail confirmation. And when you are not chosen, a message to all: “we found a candidate who is a better fit”

Besides the impersonal communications, it takes really time and effort for the candidate to do this the right way. The applicant is required to fill in the job portal system with a lot of details of which you might think, why are they asking all these questions, especially in this first contact phase? Anyhow, your personal data is now somewhere in the holy grail of an online job portal. Hoping you will be one of the lucky bastards to be chosen in this job tombola.

WHAT IF… employers apply to candidates

What if…. Employers apply to candidates. In other words candidates have supplied a good CV, made all the personality tests, etc. All made available and where the employer takes the first step. So the first check would be already done at the door.

Are you interested in this position Mr. van de Rakt? Yes, lets’ talk! As the best fit is not only about the past career, but moreover about your personality and if you fit in the organization culture. Combine the human factors (first?) with the rational facts for a bright future together.

Surely there will be disadvantages about this concept, but think about it for a while and discuss it with you colleagues. Let’s come with a disruptive idea to get, in the end, a better solution for the perfect fit between employers and employees. I say” Power to the candidates!

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