Two observations:

  1. How is it possible that companies and politics try to solve the problem while they are part of the problem
  2. The present solutions are based on old school, read production era, logic and thinking. A new way of thinking and a fresh approach is needed.

This is why the Business Hippie Club is started:

  • Change is done by individual people and not by corporates or political organisations. 
  • Progress can only made by a holistic / integral approach. Not only focussing on the Climate, but also on the Demographics, the Econconomics, the Social system, Technology and Political system.

The foundation of the Business Hippie Club is the following Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP):

A mind change in the business world where purpose
and earnings meet in balance, so everyone can enjoy
the basic needs for an enjoyable living 

If you agree to this MTP you can start right now. It’s your personal mindchange and in the end a joint movement for a bright future to us all. So NOW IT’S TIME FOR ACTION!

The BH-Club is initiated and created by HANS VAN DE RAKT. A concerned citizen in The Netherlands who is conscious about the status and developments in the world and feels the urge to do something about it.