The Business Hippie Club is for every person who is willing to make a contribution towards a more sustainable world. You can make a difference. As an individual but not alone.

The goal of the BH-Club is an individual mind-change, how we look and act about our economic and business systems, to accomplish a sustainable society.

The present world is based on, and driven by, an old fashioned economic system. As such, our society is too much focused on money and possession instead on quality of life.

The Business Hippie Club goals are:
– observing the developments in our society
– analyzing the business models and processes
– re-think the business and economic systems and come with alternative scenario’s
– activating new scenario’s with a joint effort by our Business Hippie Club members

Read more about WHY the Business Hippie Club is here to make a difference, and WHAT you can do right now!

I’m proud to be a Business Hippie Club member. And the good news is… YOU CAN BE PART OF THIS WONDERFUL BUSINESS HIPPIE CLUB!.

have PEACE with yourself, LOVE what you do, and be HAPPY with the results!