now also on Linkedin

It’s time to move on to the next phase. So why not have a page on LinkedIn?

If you prefer this channel please go to the LinkedIn page of the Business Hippie Club and collaborate with your connections on Linkedin. Discuss and share your ideas how we can make an individual change, to a more sustainable society with a different economic model and business mind.

BHC is now also on Slack!

To connect with other like minded people you can now connect and share information via the slack app. The Manifest is almost ready, but it does not end there. We have to keep the movement going. To find new solutions, ideas and thoughts about the most important 6 themes to individual change for a social economy.

Please use this invitation link to get (free) access to Slack


Second version of Manifest

The first concept of the Manifest was a good start. Recently we made some changes in the content and lay-out for improvement. This could not be done without the help of others. Especially Sabine de Wilde did a great job with the new lay-out and design. Remember the BHC is all voluntary work!

If you have ideas, for improvement about this manifest please contact us!

The second CONCEPT version of the Manifest