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A truthful business is when you have a healthy balance between who you really are and who you want to be. In other words it’s closing the gap between your authenticity and your ambition.

WHO YOU ARE (authenticity)

Your company is existing now for some years. Once started with a dream to sell and get rich. This according the founder(s) believes how this goal should be achieved and what the company should be. Telling what the audience would like to hear, in order to sell stuff.
During this endeavor you were so focused on selling that you forgot who you truly are and why you started this adventure in the first place. You only listened to the voice of your market audience and responded to it accordingly.

What if you would listen to your own inner voice…. about what you really care about. In your life as director or owner of your business. What are your personal values and your company core values? Can you take one step back and think it over to find what is really important and to take action on it?

WHO YOU WANT TO BE (ambition)

Perhaps you are unsatisfied with the present situation within your company. Simply because the results are declining, or your company cannot comply to the latest trends and developments. On a more subtle level, you feel uncomfortable by only making profit and know there is more to it.

As a conscious business leader you realize it has to change. A new and alternative approach has to be chosen, one way or another. Set your (company) ambitions to a higher level. By involving all people around you, make impact in your community, add extra value to your offering that your clients will talk about. You are doing this, just because.


A truthful business is acting by the heart, which takes no effort at all. Not shouting out how good you are and spending large marketing budgets. This is old fashioned window dressing for short term wins. If you want set long term sustainable goals, communicate and act in a transparent way to your clients, employees, partners and others. Trust me, they will see and feel the difference, because it is the natural way to go. (and it feels good…)

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