Utopia Challenge – On Tour


share your solution for a sustainable Holland in 2033 we can be proud of!

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DO YOU KNOW BETTER? Do you have a solution for a sustainable society 2033? That is the question Hans van de Rakt asks everyone he meets on his bike ride through the country. He wants to know what you think the Netherlands should look like in 2033.

He wants to hear your vision on themes such as: mind-set, economic system, technology, ecology, politics and more. He wants to collect your dreams and solutions for the future and share them with the rest of the country.

The polarization in our (Dutch) society and the negative mood in the (social) media made me think, and I hope you too…. why is there so much fuzz and why don’t we choose for a positive approach to solve it, because we have a joint urgency?!

That’s why he gets on his bike from May 15 till July 15, in search for the voices of the people. He wants to make a positive sound, a sound of hope and confidence. He wants to start a dialogue of respect and understanding. He wants to create a movement, a club of cooperation and change.

creating a positive dot at the horizon together and take action!

Hans van de Rakt

“Do you know better?” is more than a question, it’s a challenge to make the Netherlands more beautiful, together! Give your solution for a future-proof Netherlands! All ideas and solutions will be merged into a scenario overview and presented to various organizations. This Tour is part of our Utopia Challenge.

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I can not do this tour on my own. I need help from friends that understand our future is fragile and this tour is a necessity. Make this tour possible by donating time, money, publicity, goods, accommodation, food, mental support or other matters of abundance you can share.


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You want to tell your Utopia concept to Hans during his bike tour, right?! So make your request for a personal interview and he will come to your place on his bike! And perhaps you will receive our cool Hippie t-shirt! Please mention your preferred day and location and sent it to this e-mail:


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