get to know us

Let me start with introducing myself as the founder of the Business Hippie Club. This way you get an idea of who and what you are dealing with.

Hans van de Rakt

Hans van de Rakt

I’m an expert for the empowerment of (business) people to flourish in personal and business-life.

With a background in international business development I know how to find the balance between the rational business world, the local culture and the human way of doing.

I’m known for my creative solutions and asking the direct (uncomfortable) questions which leads to the core of the problem and the right solutions.

Getting excited if people are energized when they start to see and feel the alternative perspectives and step into action.

in 2020 I started the Business Hippie Club with the simple (read naïve…) idea of “things have to change in our society

During 2021 we published our alternative model for a social economy based on human values. During this year volunteers joined our team to help spreading the word and starting our first actions.

We received a lot of positive feedback about our vision and approach, but also were made aware that more is needed to make real change happen. So in 2023 we ask everyone to join our Club Community and start to connect and share with other Business Hippies for making the mindshift happen.


  • We are activists to make everyone aware, change has to happen and to step into action
  • Facilitators by organizing live and online activities for you to connect and exchange
  • Thinkers for bringing alternative views and new approaches
  • Connectors that engage all concerned world citizens for aligning our efforts

a better (business) world starts with you!



As Business Hippies we are creative and open minded by offering alternative views and perspectives. We use the knowledge and wisdom from different disciplines such as:

  • Psychology & Spirituality
  • Economic & Societal science
  • Art & Design

All based on a positive mind-set and a human centered approach. Where abundance is leading and not by scarcity, so we can share resources and connect people.


The Business Hippie Club central location is based in The Netherlands. Starting to roll out local Hubs in different countries around the world. We come together in our (online) Club, you can join for free.

Watch this short video where I tell you personally about the Business Hippie Club

Our team is a collective of concerned world citizens eager to contribute for a better world. Our team are experts who take care of our learnings, regional hub hippies organizing local activities and contributors to help us where needed.

We’re a non-profit organization where the money we make will be used to make our offering better and more available for everyone.

a better (business) world starts with you!