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We started our Business Hippie Club with the simple intention of “things have to change” Followed by publishing an alternative economic model: a social economy based on human values.

Next, we rolled out our workshops and coaching on how to implement this alternative economic model in your daily work-life’s. We received a lot of positive feedback from people around the world, who are looking for a different approach and alternative vision on why and how we do business.

our mission is to change the mindset in the business world on why and how we do business


We offer workshops, coaching and advice to entrepreneurs and managers for making the change on why and how we do business. This of course on our typical Hippie Way.


As Business Hippies we are critical about how the system works (or does not work….) Offering alternative perspectives and out of the box solutions. With a human centered approach that leads to a social economic model. All based on abundance and not on scarcity. Where creativity and sensitivity are valued.


The Business Hippie Club central location is based in The Netherlands. Presently starting to roll out local Hubs in different countries around the world.

We’re a non-profit organization where the money we make will be used to make our offering better and more available for everyone.

We are a collective of concerned world citizens eager to contribute to enhance our world. We work with experts who take care of our learnings, regional hub hippies organizing local activities and contributors help us where needed.

Watch this short video where I tell you personally about the Business Hippie Club

a better (business) world starts with you!