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The Business Hippie Club catalyzes this movement of conscious leaders, towards a better way of doing business for the wellbeing of people. We do this by making everyone aware of their situation, to educate with new insights and activate the initiatives to make it happen.



  • Using a growth mindset where we envision a positive future, instead of using elements of the negative past.
  • It’s not only what we do, but especially HOW we do it. To use the virtues of Peace, Love and Happiness in our daily practice.
  • Having a holistic view on situations for a broader perspective on the matter
  • Using Art & Design as a creative tool, to open our mindset for alternatives


See us as the modern activists, fighting for (y)our cause. Using our human spirits to connect with our authentic self and relate to the natural world we live in.

We are a non profit organization where we mostly offer a lot of free content and in some occasions work with alternative (low) pricing models to cover our basic operational costs.

We are concerned world citizens, active in various countries and eager to spread the word to other conscious (business) leaders around the globe.

Watch this video where I tell you personally about the Business Hippie Club

a better (business) world starts with you!