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In 2019 we started with the intention of “things have to change” based on the concept that we should choose a different economic system based on human values. We even wrote a value manifest about this. Yeah right…. a good intention but what’s next….

In 2020 several enthusiastic and engaged world citizens joined our volunteer team. We discussed the first ideas of what and how we could help to make the change for the good.

During 2021 our team of volunteers did actually setup events and workshops to empower people for making a transition for the good. But it was not an easy road to travel.

During 2022 we split up our offering into two transformation services:


The Business Hippie Club central location is based in The Netherlands and presently starting to roll out some Regional Hubs around the world.

We’re a non-profit organization where the money we make, will be used to make our offering better and more available for everyone.

Our daily operation is done by a small core team of volunteers or part-timers. Where experts take care of our learnings, regional hub hippies organize local activities and contributors help us where needed.


See us as the modern activists, fighting for (y)our cause. Using our human spirits to re-connect with our authentic self and relate again with the natural world we live in.

We are all part of this big universe and can use peace, love and happiness as your daily mantra to enhance the quality of life for everyone, everywhere.

Watch this short video where I tell you personally about the Business Hippie Club

a better (business) world starts with you!