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we need to be more critical, vulnerable and authentic in our communications, and more conscious and collaborative in our actions.

In this text, I will explore some of the challenges and opportunities that we face in our work and life in the 21st century. I will argue that we need to be more critical, vulnerable and authentic in our communications, and more conscious and collaborative in our actions. I will also suggest some ways to create a social economy that values human well-being and happiness over money and status.

One of the challenges that we face is to gain new insights by being critical of what’s happening around us and inside us. We often take things for granted or accept them as they are, without questioning their validity or impact. We need to be more curious and open-minded, and challenge the assumptions and norms that shape our reality. We also need to be more aware of our own feelings, thoughts and motivations, and how they influence our decisions and behaviors. We need to be honest with ourselves and others, and acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses.

Another challenge is to be vulnerable in our communications. Vulnerability means to expose ourselves to the risk of being hurt or rejected, but also to the possibility of being seen and accepted as we are. It means to share our emotions, opinions and experiences with others, without hiding or pretending. It means to listen empathically and respectfully to others, without judging or interrupting. It means to seek feedback and learn from others, without being defensive or arrogant. Being vulnerable can help us build trust, understanding and connection with others.

A third challenge is to stay true to our own self. This means to act in alignment with our values, beliefs and goals, and not to compromise them for external rewards or pressures. It means to express our uniqueness and creativity, and not to conform to the expectations or standards of others. It means to pursue our passions and interests, and not to settle for less than what we deserve. Staying true to ourselves can help us find meaning, fulfilment and happiness in our work and life.

However, staying true to ourselves also requires us to think about and make choices about our work and life standards. We need to ask ourselves: What do we want from our work? Is it money or fulfilment? Do we strive for success or happiness? How do we define success and happiness? How do we balance our work and life? How do we cope with stress and burnout? How do we deal with change and uncertainty?

These questions are becoming more relevant as the world is changing rapidly and unpredictably. The old securities that we used to rely on after the war, such as pension, income, status, fixed position etc., are diminishing or disappearing. The traditional system of work that treats people as production tools is failing us. A large percentage of workers is not finding satisfaction in their work. Many employees don’t like their job or feel trapped in it. Many people develop coping mechanisms to survive, such as escapism, addiction or denial. As a result, we experience more stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

We need a new system of work that respects people as human beings. A system that allows us to grow, learn and contribute as individuals and as a society. A system that fosters collaboration, innovation and diversity. A system that creates value for all stakeholders, not just for shareholders. A system that supports a social economy.

A social economy is about working together for the common good. It is about putting people before profit. It is about creating products and services that solve real problems and improve lives. It is about measuring success by the level of happiness and well-being of everyone everywhere.

To create a social economy, we need a new utopia. We need a new vision of how we want to live together in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature. We need new conscious leaders who can inspire us with their values, actions and stories. We need different community models that are initiated by the people themselves.

We also need a new mindset. We need to stop following the system like sheep because it gives us a false sense of security and convenience. We need to stop feeling guilty if things are not going as expected because it is not our fault but the system’s fault. We need to stop being motivated by money, status or materialism because they do not bring us lasting happiness.

We need to start taking responsibility for our own lives and happiness. We need to start being more proactive, creative and courageous in pursuing our dreams. We need to start being more compassionate, generous and grateful in sharing our gifts with others.

a better (business) world starts with you!

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