Business Hippie Club


We live in a time of crisis and uncertainty. A time when the system that governs us is failing to meet our needs and aspirations. A time when we feel powerless and voiceless. But we are not alone. We are not helpless. We are not hopeless. We have the power to change the system, to revolt against the status quo, to create a new reality.

We have to make changes by starting with little protests. By making it visible where the power lies. By telling stories about successful transformations. By using the system in a different and just way. By working together on what we want, as real human beings. By bringing back the human aspect in our work. By saying no to what’s there and saying yes to what we desire.

What is our Utopia? We don’t want a job or work, we want food, a house, and other basic needs. So what are the alternatives? Who represents us these days? Is it the politicians? The employers? The church? Do we want strong leaders to guide us, or should we take the lead ourselves? Should we re-shuffle power and have communities with their own chosen leaders? Communities based on a common interest and goals? Where trust and purpose are a natural cause for living together?

We are too much dependent on elements of a system that is not ours anymore. The obvious securities of the past are not valid anymore. Which of these securities do we still want in this ever-evolving society? What do we need as a community to protect our common interests?

Let’s be more critical and not depend on what’s offered to us, but look at alternatives and different scenarios. Nothing is obvious anymore, question everything. Change is mandatory, revolt is necessary, utopia is possible.

a better (business) world starts with you!

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