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I’m used to start my blog articles describing the past, to demonstrate how it all started. Next to describe the actual situation, followed by a possible future scenario of what can happen next or at least a possible future scenario.

Many people are publishing articles about the rapid development of technology and how it effects our world. Our life’s are speeding up, time is money in our work, you only live once etc. But we know all this, so let’s look at it from a different perspective. Let’s start with my statement to see if you are critical and awake…

We should skip the time addiction, and eliminate it out of our lives. Time is a tool of our (past) production era, and not applicable (anymore) if we want to be happy in the present.

Hans van de Rakt

1.       Everything we do every day in our (modern) society is based on the clock, and the duration of our efforts. We set our alarm to wake up, and not by the rising sun, the annoying and loud rooster, or the biological rhythm of our body. We go to our work by train, which is departing at 7:30 precisely. If you’re 30 seconds late you might have a problem. When you finally arrive at work your boss is waiting for you and would spank you, because you took 5 minutes from his time of production, you get the picture right? So there is no natural behavior or flow anymore, we are driven by a mechanism which is invented for a rational reason in the past century, which has nothing to do with (y)our well-being, but with someone else’s needs and advantages.

2.       On a different and perhaps larger scale it is the pace of our societal systems. With societal systems I point to the political system, the economic system, the cultural system etc. Please take into consideration the high speed of technological developments which is taking place now. The effect of all technical developments into the different systems is with such great impact and intensity, we sometimes forget to realize the huge effects of it in our systems, in our society and in the end, in our own personal lives.

3.       Under influence of these technical developments, some systems are developing more rapidly than others. This means that some systems are old fashioned, and others have adapted to the new reality or now. For example most political systems are founded in the 19th century, while no real changes has been made since then, except the introduction of an electronic voting system perhaps. Another system example is the medical sector. Where DNA sequencing (analyzing and visualizing of DNA) is now so cheap it’s available to a large audience. This results in a shift towards preventive Medicare instead of curative treating afterwards. Do you see the different speeds of these systems during time?

4.       The world wide web, including all social media etc., is an eco-system at itself. The numbers of participants in this (unsocial?) system is so incredibly high, where all voices are heard and where is so much choice , it’s dazzling You could say it’s a new kind of “democracy” Do you realize that if Facebook were a country, it would be the biggest country in the world….

So where does this all lead us? If some systems don’t keep up with all technical developments their existence will be questioned. Timing is not that important, as the clock itself. The demand for more natural living and behavior will increase. We can decide how we live, based on all data and information made technically available, wherever you are. It will result in a power shift of systems. Where the (end?) control is done by artificial intelligence based on big data. We live in a parallel universe, soon. The Matrix. But I believe time is on our side…

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