OUR VISION: a social economy based on human values

Our present society is based on, and driven by, an economic system which was created more than 100 years ago. This old economic system is simply not sufficient to our present requirements. In order to achieve a more sustainable future that everyone is talking about, we clearly have to choose different economic goals and an alternative approach.

we all have a responsibility to choose for a more human economy

Following is our macro-economic perspective on how to enhance our society by changing the economic model. In short this is about 1. choosing an alternative economic goal 2. aligning all efforts and 3. intertwining our business actions with human values.


  • We come from a production era and profit-oriented economy. This shareholder value system is clearly outdated as it takes no responsibility for the negative impact on our climate and society.
  • The occasionally used shared value system, is still the one where business comes first, but where one tries to justify the negative impact by doing good elsewhere.
  • What we really need right now, is the social economic system where business in no way hinders – and ideally accelerates – the transition from profit to purpose goals.

acting together with purpose


The society we live in knows three main stakeholders: Individuals, Entrepreneurs and (government) Officials. Each one has its own goals and uses its typical methodologies. These three stakeholders are not separate ecosystems. Hence, they influence each other constantly. This is why we have to connect with one another to align all transformational efforts in order to make real progress. We need to look beyond our own horizons, and combine our strengths. Because we have a joint urgency.


This Social Economy uses different principles than the old economic system. Whereas the old economy is based on scarcity and profit, is the new social economy based on abundance and purpose.

This new Social Economic system is containing 6 macro economic elements we have to work with for improvement. We do this by intertwining these six elements with human values. Our next step is to align all these new goals for an integrated approach.

  1. Human – Values
    Business Hippie Club philosophy: we are only human: respect, trust and other intangibles drive business value
  2. Economic – Purpose
    Business Hippie Club philosophy: Business is there to share: purpose is more important than profit
  3. Social – Balance
    Business Hippie Club philosophy: Power is in all of us: culture is king, talent rules
  4. Technologic – Co-Creation
    Business Hippie Club philosophy: Technology is here to help us: co-create to change and win
  5. Ecologic – Responsibility
    Business Hippie Club philosophy: Our eco system is a responsibility: it’s not other people problems, but ours
  6. Political – Transparency
    Business Hippie Club philosophy: The living society: everyone is contributing to have a transparent political system


To bring this purposeful concept to the next level you can integrate your values (personal or company) into a value manifest. Where you proclaim what you stand for. This our Business Hippie Club Value Manifest:

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a better (business) world starts with you!