This 3 part Workshop is available on request

A lot of Workers and Entrepreneurs find it difficult to have the right work-life balance.

  • Do you spent too much time on the wrong action items?
  • Do you feel not energized and motivated?
  • You work a lot of hours but the outcome is not as you expected?
  • You’re not making the progress towards your goals?

In these 3 workshops I will give you new insights on how to recognize the symptoms, what you can do now, and how to work towards your goals and live a balanced work-life.

Day 1: A REALITY CHECK: your character, what’s your part in life, what means entrepreneurship to you.

Day 2:  YOUR DOT AT THE HORIZON: about your big dream, keeping on track, what you can change in your attitude.

Day 3: WHICH ACTIONS TO TAKE: focus and motivation, synchronizing life and work goals, which tools to use.

Take this opportunity to learn from an expert and follow these three workshops to have a balanced work-life.