The Business Hippie Club is a nonprofit organization. We offer our help and services free of charge or is cost based. This is the only way to reach as many people as possible in order to make the needed change for the good.

We are with a multinational team of volunteers located around the world. Our team members are based in India, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Estonia, The Netherlands and more to come. We cover different continents around the globe with the help of our local connectors in Russia, Africa, Europe and expanding to other regions as well. Our central coordination is out of The Netherlands.

our actions represent our identity

The Business Hippie Club is a growing community of likeminded people who believe in our mission. The Business Hippie Club is for curious people who like to know the latest developments about the progress towards a social economy. Contributors who bring in time, effort, donations or other means to make our mission possible. Actioneers who step into action and demonstrate their opinion to their local community. Creative folks who develop concepts for solutions for now and the future.


The Business Hippie Club fights for a social economy by using Peace, Love and Happiness as our weapons. These virtues enhance the quality of (y)our life’s. All Business Hippies, like yourself, can live with these virtues for motivation and energy.

have peace with yourself and what you represent

love what you do, and how you do it

experience happiness about the results you bring to others