To reach our goal of a social economy we need new concepts (solutions) to solve our present problems or to be prepared for future issues to come.

So, what if….we look at a problem or situation from another angle, or completely flip it around. Use your imagination and go crazy, there are no limits to your ideas.

We need disruptive concepts created by crazy thinkers and courageous do-ers

Your concepts for a social economy can cover solutions for present issues no one has a (good) answer to, yet. To solve problems on a local scale to big national issues like the pandemic, mental health issues with young professionals or the digital knowledge backlog in some areas.

Your concept might be a new business model, an innovative product, a different value chain, a process alternative, or whatever you come up with. We love to hear about your ideas for a social economy.

articulate a detailed vision of the future we’d like to live in, then ask ourselves what action we can take now to move us collectively in that direction