To make our world a little better, we have to step into action. One way of doing this is by creating disruptive concepts. So come with your crazy ideas to make some (system) changes.

we need disruptive concepts created by crazy thinkers and courageous do-ers


There are loads of issues to resolve or to improve. You choose the topic you want to work with. Like creating alternative processes, purposeful business models, different value chains, new product life cycles.

As Business Hippie Club we defined a alternative social economic system which contains 6 topics to work on. Which topic do you want to solve?

  1. Demographics – Anthropology – People (SDG 3)
  2. Economic – Business (SDG 8)
  3. Social – Cultural (SDG 11)
  4. Technology – Innovations (SDG 9)
  5. Ecologic – Climate (SDG 13)
  6. Political – Law (SDG 12)


Perhaps you have innovative ideas about how to resolve certain issues, but never communicated this to the outside world. Or you have already a developed concept for improvement, but need help to make it happen.

Your proposed concept (solution) might be a new business model, an innovative way of working, a different value chain, an alternative process or whatever you come up with to change the system. Now is the time to do something with your idea or concept!


There are so many great ideas. It’s a sin not to activate these great innovations. That’s why we offer you SUPPORTING SERVICES for co-creation and business development. To make it happen in the real world.

REGISTER YOUR CONCEPT so your concept will be placed in our showcase and we can assist you with the development.

articulate a detailed vision of the future we’d like to live in, then ask ourselves what action we can take now to move us collectively in that direction