To make our world a little better, we have to step into action. One way of doing this is by creating disruptive concepts which brings progress into our world. So come with your crazy ideas and make some (system) changes!

we need disruptive concepts created by crazy thinkers and courageous do-ers

If you see a problem you want to resolve, just start working on it. Create your solution which solves some of our present societal problems, sustainability issues, energy savings, or other ones.

ideas to solve the symptoms of our past, and to prevent future issues

If you have some crazy ideas, but never communicated this to the outside world, or you have a market ready concept, we offer you the knowledge and tools to make it happen. Now is the time to do something with your idea or concept!


  • Contact the BH-Club experts to give you a free validation check on your concept
  • Post your idea or concept in the free IDEABOX and find the people that want to collaborate with you. Together you can valorize your concept to make it happen in the real world.

articulate a detailed vision of the future we’d like to live in, then ask ourselves what action we can take now to move us collectively in that direction