utopia challenge

Our present world needs a huge change for the good. We all have an opinion about how to make this change possible. Communicating ideas and opinions whenever and wherever we can. The tendency on social media is that people are attacking other people’s opinions, behaviors and lives. Trying to convince “them” to be wrong and you are “right” Well…. if you know better then others, and have a solution, show your Utopia concept for 2033!

A utopia typically describes an imaginary community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its members.

The goal of this Utopia Challenge is to collect concepts of Utopia’s that really change our (future) society for the good. With alternative perspectives that create a disruptive system change, in order to get us out of this mess. As a result we know what to fight for and are motivated for a collective change. With such a positive dot at the horizon we’ll know what to live for.

we need a positive dot at the horizon to know what we’re living for

The Utopia concept you want to share, can be created in any online format you choose. For example a written essay, a creative visual, an animated video or infographic. Your Utopia concept can be an individual or team effort and should follow these guidelines:

  • you choose to focus on an existing society or a hypothetical ideal world
  • your concept shows/describes clearly what this utopia will look like in 2033
  • which problem(s) your Utopia will overcome and how you would resolve this
  • choosing one system differentiator or multiple system changes. So this means no new products, but new business models, value-chains, approaches, mind-shifts, concepts etc.

if you know better, show us or be quiet!

We are happy to receive your Utopia concept during this year of 2023. Use the button below to share your Utopia concept in our free Club Community. Here you’ll also find more practical details and possibilities for discussion and taking action.


At the end of each quarter in 2023 we will evaluate all new Utopia concepts. During this online meet-up the goal is to bring these concepts to the next level. On how to activate it in the real world of today.

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