utopia challenge

Our world needs a big change for the good, as problems arise in different areas like: social inequality, natural disasters, mental health problems, biological species extinction, pollution, and much, much more.

We tend to criticize our leaders about the present situation and why they failed. Where we post our opinions on social media to convince “them” to be wrong and your opinion is “right” Well…. if you know better then others, show us your solution and participate in our Utopia Challenge 2033!

A utopia typically describes an imaginary community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its members.

The Business Hippie Club organizes this Utopia Challenge to collect concepts of Utopia’s that really change our (future) society for the good. With alternative perspectives that create a disruptive system change, in order to get us out of this mess. As a result we know what to fight for and are motivated for a collective change. With such a positive dot at the horizon we’ll know what to live for.

we need a positive dot at the horizon to know what we’re living for

The Utopia concept you share, can be created in any online format you choose and in different languages. For example a written essay, an animated video, or a presentation, or a combination of formats. Your Utopia Concept can be an individual or team effort.

download the general guidelines to send your Utopia Concept

if you know better, show us or be quiet!

We are happy to receive your Utopia Concept. We collect all Utopia Concepts and share it with all of you for transparency. We will organize meet-ups to discuss the Utopia concepts to make it more tangible.



The end goal of this challenge is to bring these Utopia concepts to the parties that can integrate it into new political and economic actions. Offering these Utopia Concepts to political parties, local community representatives, economic institutions, NGO’s and others. So they can activate these new insights in the real world of today and tomorrow for a better society.

a better (business) world starts with you!