What you, as an individual can do, is taking the following steps:

Action 1. JOIN
the Business Hippie Club

The Business Hippie Club is a joint effort by people who realize something has to change. As an individual but not alone. The BHC is using social media channels like FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM to share and inform.

Action 2. SIGN
the BH-Club Manifest

The manifest is a guideline to reach the goal of individual change for a sustainable society. Please sign this Manifest and distribute it, go now to THE MANIFEST PAGE  

to explore the manifest scenario’s

Be involved with the execution of the Manifest 6 topics. Become a Business Hippie-Club specialist Act as a social connector in your city, or as an ambassador, to work with relevant organisations and institutions.

Action 4. LIVE
by the Business Hippie Philosophy

Have PEACE with yourself  – do the things which fit your purpose, talents and character

LOVE what you do – do the things you love and commit yourself for 100%

Be HAPPY with the results – accomplish your goals and make social impact