the business hippie way

As Business Hippie Club we like to do the things our own way. With the goal to achieve a sustainable future for all of us. Not by twisting the old elements to achieve a somewhat similar outcome. But by pushing the boundaries, going out of (y)our comfort zone and discover a new mindset.

We are in the search of conscious leaders who have a solid plan to show us a way to get out of this mess. But where are these strong leaders? Where are the political leaders with a clear vision, where are the spiritual leaders touching our hearts, where are the economic leaders that have a no B.S. roadmap towards a sustainable social economy?

we need courageous thinkers and brave do-ers

A lot of humans will (still) follow their leaders, but more and more people want to take back the control in their life’s. They unite themselves with like-minded people to join forces and take action to make the change. They join our Business Hippie Club.

this is how we do it

In our Club we combine elements of psychology, (economic) science, nature and spirituality. This holistic approach gives us an inspirational overview of your situation. To hand you the new insights for smart solutions and the old-fashioned wisdom to energize all actions.

The Business Hippie Club will challenge you by asking the existential questions about your business & life. This reality check will give you the insights what your business-life is really about. To find the reasons of your existence, to know your big task here on this planet. We work with a 3-step plan on how to deal with these existential answers.

the foundation of how we do things

What do you find important in your daily (business) life. HOW do you act and move around in this world. Do you have your priorities straight as a person or as a business and do you act by it? read more about values

the energy that drives your actions

Living with Peace, Love and Happiness is the mantra you and I live by. These three elements energize our behavior and the people around us. read more about P, L & H.

a sustainable future is what we want

WHAT do you envision as your ideal world and what actions will you take to accomplish this. How do you intertwine your new goals into your company culture. read more about your utopia

a better (business) world starts with you!