The Business-Hippie Club is a social business. This means we have a social goal but still operate as a -non profit- organization. We do this mainly with the help of volunteers who support our mission. We are always looking for talented professionals who want to make a contribution. Please contact us if you want to share your time and skills.

Hans van de Rakt


I have a background in business, moved about 18 times, and lived on the island of Aruba. So you might say I’m a free spirit who seeks purpose in life, in a meaningful society. I’m passionate about making this world a better place from a human perspective. Read my short bio on:

Happy to answer your questions by E-mail: or book an (online) appointment directly in my agenda via this link:

Şenol Can Kamış


Şenol Can Kamış is our Social Media Hippie. Assisting the Business Hippie Club to reach our goals for a balanced social economy.
He lives in Turkey and studied Graphic Design and Social Media advertising. Şenol Can contributes to our mission by making our social media communications run smoothly, so everybody knows about our activities.



Are you open to help us to accomplish our mission? For example with introducing the BH-Club to relevant contacts like universities, governments, businesses, NGO’s etc.

Or do you have other skills like developing business concepts from scratch, graphical design, sponsor development, trend watching, economic modeling, social design, or other values you might contribute with?

If you have a few hours left and want to make some impact, please contact us to discuss our collaboration options.

E-mail at:

be a local representative


If you are passionate about our mission for a social economy why not activate this in your own region? Start as a local representative in your city to make people believers, initiate activities, inspire for change. Start your own local Business Hippie Community!


your club house


Do you have a coffeeshop, social workplace, restaurant, co-working space or alike? Open it up to make a connection with your local community. Share your space with conscious people to work on a social economy in a surrounding they deserve.

We assist you with organizing the activities and with joint promotions to have a full house.

E-mail at:

Does your organization want to collaborate with us?

Are you working at a company, university, social organization or otherwise, and you want to collaborate? Please contact us to discuss the partnership opportunities!

Happiness is not about what you own, but what you create, as a team

One of our appreciated contributors is Ms. Sabine de Wilde who designed the wonderful BHC logo and the manifest lay-out.