about us

The Business Hippie Club is a non profit organization making a difference in the daily work-life’s of conscious leaders. Our daily operation is done by a small core team of volunteers, field experts, city hub hippies and with the help of contributors around the world.


  • As members of a society, we can choose for an economic system with more sustainable goals
  • The actual transformation can only be done, by changing how we do business, as this is the cause of all negative impacts
  • Intrinsic motivation leads the way and not by rules or laws
  • Human values are intertwined in our daily (business) operations


  • Using a growth mindset where we envision a positive future, instead of using elements of the negative past.
  • It’s not only what we do, but especially HOW we do it. To use the virtues of Peace, Love and Happiness in our daily practice.
  • Having a holistic view on situations for a broader perspective to see what is important and where to make the change
  • Using Art & Design as a creative tool, to open our mindset for alternatives


We are a team of concerned world citizens, active in various countries and eager to spread the word to other conscious (business) leaders around the globe. See us as the new activists, fighting for our cause. Using our human spirits to connect with our authentic self and with the natural world we live in.


Hans van de Rakt


I have a background in business, moved about 18 times, and lived on the island of Aruba for 8 years. Love to do some digital nomad work in different locations. So you might say I’m a free spirit who seeks purpose in life, in a meaningful society.

Next to the daily business operations of this Club, I’m available for speaking and presentations about our vision of a balanced social economy based on human values.

Happy to answer your questions by E-mail: contact@businesshippie.club or book an (online) appointment directly in my agenda via this link: https://calendly.com/hansvanderakt

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Debora Paolini


Debora is our communication expert partner based in Brussels, Belgium. She deals with BH-Club’s strategic communication activities, such as goal setting, message strategy, audience analysis and community-building process.

She is a (Italian) millennial concerned with moral values, environmental protection and social justice. Her experience is related to the field of circular economy and likes to empower people to become agents of social change in their own communities.

With her passion, creativity and innovative approach she works with BH-Club motivated by the ambition of transforming businesses into trustworthy drivers of a more sustainable world.

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Lucas de Bont


Lucas de Bont is our Concept Developer Expert based in Estonia and covering the Nordics -Baltics. He will help Business Hippie members by equipping them with the right knowledge and skills to turn their ideas into a sustainable businesses.

Lucas has a Master’s degree in Organizational Change and Consulting after which he worked with various Dutch NGOs in a Digital Accelerator. This industry inspired him to study Social Entrepreneurship and bring his enthusiasm to the Business Hippie Club.

In his interactive workshops you will get the chance to further develop your own ideas, be surrounded by like-minded people, and ask questions about areas in which you are stuck.

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Liliana Amaral


Liliana is a true a hippie at heart. Our multi-skilled Portuguese creative is assisting the Business Hippie Club and it’s members by developing initiatives around art and image building.

With more than 7 years in the creative art industry, Liliana has worked in an international environment like Portugal, London and Rotterdam. Liliana is a well educated creative with a BA (Hons) in Theatre & Film from a renowned Portuguese University and with professional certifications as a Certified Image Consultant.

Liliana’s super power is the ability to turn someone or something into the best version of themselves. With a holistic and empathic approach she transforms the internal strengths into external power.

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CITY HUB HIPPIES (formerly known as managers…)


  • Evelyn Carreno

ESTONIA – Tallinn

  • Lucas de Bont


  • Mariana Galante Dias

SPAIN – Ibiza (Balearic Islands)

  • TBA


Jake Kelly, Magda Sanojca, Vanessa Christina Dsouza, Senol can Kamis


Ms. Sabine de Wilde who designed the wonderful BHC logo and the manifest lay-out.

Mr. Tjapko de Heus from Tjapko Visual Branding who made the professional video shootings

a better (business) world starts with you!