Business Hippie Club


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We are living in a society which is rooted on an economic system with production and efficiency goals. Where making profit was the target, whatever it takes.

Now we come to the point where we realize this was perhaps a good idea back then, but we didn’t think it through, or could foresee the consequences of this production system on us, as human beings. It is/was a system where human interests were secondary. Simple as that.

In this era we are aware that the quality of life is more important than making money. Where human emotions are part of our existence and we cannot skip these in favor of chasing profit.  

As humans we are capable enough and worthy enough

So this is my pledge:

  • Please treat me as a human and not as a rational homo economicus or production tool
  • I’m aware of the tension between unlimited wants and limited means. I’m wise enough to realize this, and don’t need a production leader to tell me otherwise
  • I’m an authentic person and others are too, so please respect our uniqueness
  • As a real living person in this world, I realize when I have enough and I’m able to share

a better (business) world starts with you!