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Trade Necessity

A long time ago when new transportation techniques emerged, it created new jobs like the traveling merchant and local trader. Where you could buy new and different products from other places then your own. There was a natural balance between the buyer and seller because goods or services were exchanged based on necessity.

Business is the new standard

Trade or starting a business has evolved during the last centuries into a “serious” profession. Where all kinds of new business developments were invented like new production techniques, price calculations, ratio’s, KPI’s, and something called “efficiency” Here scarcity was the basis of this trade game.

A Fair Trade

Slowly our view of doing business changed from efficiency towards impact. Where transparency opened our eyes and changed public opinion. This in a sense that trade was not always equal for all parties. Where business ethics became an important factor; doing good for society, giving back to the producers, a sustainable business for a clean environment etc. Where the rational efficiency on short term is not leading anymore, but the soft factors and the impact in a longer period of time, are the new metrics.

the impact in a longer period of time, is the new metric

Business as the new religion

The new entrepreneurs are getting younger and business is initiated by all kinds of people on all levels. New enterprises arise in so many different countries and even in remote locations. Where money is not an issue anymore thanks to Crowdfunding and Microcredit. Entrepreneurship is a commodity. Or is there more to it?

Entrepreneurship seems to be the new religion. The save harbor for a meaningful live and freedom of choice. Where business models are filled with the mantra of Peace, Love & Happiness. Where business people live accordingly to it:
– PEACE: have peace with yourself and with all others
– LOVE: love what you do, and how you do it
– HAPPINESS: experience happiness about the positive impact you bring to others

If you use these three spiritual factors, in your business-life you will make a change to your inner being as to the other humans beings around you.

Business Hippie Club


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When we talk about cultural differences we tend to think about differences in national cultures. But being involved in several international projects with people from different backgrounds and sectors, I noticed that even within one country, there are some cultural hurdles to overcome. Within a country differences might occur based on regional heritage, religion, history, local dialects and more.

But there is also something as the Company Culture. If we want know why some businesses are more successful than others, you might think about pragmatic or functional reasons, like a lower price or better technical specifications. But more important, a deal might be rewarded because both parties have a click. Like having the feeling this person, representing this company, will do as they promise. It’s about trust and leveling, based on the same believes.

The Company Culture is about how your organization handles things based on the norms and values in your enterprise. In more detail, it’s about the shared etiquettes, values, visions, rules, customs, beliefs and habits. It’s how your organization works, It’s how you and your colleagues, and in the end the external stakeholders, collaborate. You represent your company culture.

There are a few main drivers and focus points to be recognized in your organization. Is you company internal focused or external oriented? Is your organization open to flexibility and discretion vs. stability and control? What is the culture in your company, can you describe this?

This Company Culture is formed during the history of your company by all people present and by the new people joining your organization. Mostly it follows the changes during time, and is formed unintentionally on a subconscious level. But please know you can influence this culture. By steering your company culture the outcome in business results might be higher as expected. According some studies it can improve results by 200% or more. So why not give your company culture more attention and focus?

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast. A nice saying, but what does this mean and firstly, what is culture? Culture contains a mix of elements such as norms, values, behaviors and ethics. The most basic element of culture is values. About being aware of what we really find important in our daily life’s.

As a start you can discover your own values as an individual, what you as a individual find important in your daily life. Another area where you can define values, is discovering the common values with your co-workers: a company value manifest. To know what you as a team or organization find important in your daily work.

a value manifest gives direction so everyone works on the same goal, knows how to communicate with each other and being aware of what -not- to do

There is also a more functional reason to write a value manifest: for example when you want to hire new people; this will attract the right candidates that match your value criteria. Also it will level out the business partners that are (not) on the same page of what your organization stands for.

You can start writing about what you as a conscious business leader find important. Next step can be to discuss this with your team and find the internal common grounds. The motivation to do so can be various: for a clear goal setting, increased motivation, more focus, finding the main strengths, a possible culture change and more.

As an example, please have a look at our own Business Hippie Club – Value Manifest. This Manifest contains the most important elements how we see the social economy and how to do business, by intertwining it with human values. This is our holistic approach to accomplish our mission.

If you need assistance with writing your value manifest, please contact us. We organize workshops for teams and organizations to discover your common values for a more coherent workforce.

a better (business) world starts with you!

Business Hippie Club


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We are living in a society which is rooted on an economic system with production and efficiency goals. Where making profit was the target, whatever it takes.

Now we come to the point where we realize this was perhaps a good idea back then, but we didn’t think it through, or could foresee the consequences of this production system on us, as human beings. It is/was a system where human interests were secondary. Simple as that.

In this era we are aware that the quality of life is more important than making money. Where human emotions are part of our existence and we cannot skip these in favor of chasing profit.  

As humans we are capable enough and worthy enough

So this is my pledge:

  • Please treat me as a human and not as a rational homo economicus or production tool
  • I’m aware of the tension between unlimited wants and limited means. I’m wise enough to realize this, and don’t need a production leader to tell me otherwise
  • I’m an authentic person and others are too, so please respect our uniqueness
  • As a real living person in this world, I realize when I have enough and I’m able to share

a better (business) world starts with you!