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Presently there is a lot of attention on our climate problems. True, no discussion about such a fact. But this problem is not caused by itself but by other, external elements then the climate system itself.

It is influenced by causes like industry pollution, too much harvesting, prevailing economic interests, and more. In other words it’s a systematic problem and as such needs a holistic solution.

These days we live in a society where well-fare is more important then well-being. As long as this is the adagium, nothing will improve. As long as economic interests lead our decisions, no shift will occur.

Our society is run by leaders of commercial companies, policy makers, profit seeking individuals and more. As long as they run the commercial show nothing will change. Because these are short term interests and not long term, sustainable, trajectories. Do you really expect those who caused the problems, will bring the solutions for a social economy?

That’s why we need a dramatically ideologic shift. But it seems we have to experience our hell first, and feel the heat below our feet, before we step into action….

So join our movement and take action for a social economy!

a better (business) world starts with you!