The goal of the BH-Club is a balanced social economy which is based on human values. So everyone can enjoy the basic needs for a happy and healthy life. This goal can only be reached by having a different view on how our system works and taking the appropriate actions to make the change.


  • We come from a production era and profit oriented economy. This shareholder value system is clearly outdated as it takes no responsibility for the negative impact on our climate and society.
  • The occasionally used shared value system, is where business still comes first, but where one tries to justify the negative impact by doing good elsewhere.
  • What we really need right now, is the commons value system where business in no way hinders – and ideally accelerates – the transition from profit to purpose goals.

our economy should serve us and not leading or controlling our life’s


The Social Economy has a different foundation than the old economic system. Whereas the old economy is based on scarcity and profit, is the new social economy based on abundance and purpose. Where all is based on human values.

This social economy system contains 6 elements to take action on. By creating disruptive solutions to resolve our present (and future) problems.

  1. Human – Values
    BH-Club philosophy: we are only human: respect, trust and other intangibles drive business value
  2. Economic – Purpose
    BH-Club philosophy: Business is there to share: purpose is more important than profit
  3. Social – Balance
    BH-Club philosophy: Power is in all of us: culture is king, talent rules
  4. Technologic – Co-Creation
    BH-Club philosophy: Technology is here to help us: co-create to change and win
  5. Ecologic – Responsibility
    BH-Club philosophy: Our eco system is a responsibility: it’s not other people problems, but ours
  6. Political – Transparency
    BH-Club philosophy: The living society: people and businesses are making an active contribution to our community

the well-being of our society starts with a mind change