Making the world a better place is easier said then done. We have to come with alternative ideas and tangible concepts to make progress.

If you have an idea about how to solve certain problems, or you created a disruptive concept for one of our future issues, please share this on our concept marketplace for sharing it with other people around the planet.

if we want to make progress, we have to open up and share our ideas

  • Sharing your idea via our marketplace can find people experiencing problems who are looking for your solutions.
  • You created an idea and are looking for knowledgeable partners to co-create it for further development into a workable concept.
  • Perhaps you have a market ready concept which you like to valorize with new user groups or into new regions.


There are so many great ideas. It’s a sin not to activate these great innovations. That’s why the Business Hippie Club offers you SUPPORTING SERVICES for co-creation and business development. To make it happen in the real world.