Workshop: Publish your own newspaper of the future

This workshop is available on request, for individuals, teams and organizations.


Do you know what your plans are for the future? Do you have a picture of how it would look like if you would follow your dreams, your (secret) whishes, your picture perfect….

Imagine yourself in the future, and you know what to do today!


In this workshop we will work on your dreams and how it would look like, in words, in pictures, in headlines! Your (dream) story will be published in an (online) newspaper as if it has already happened.

This workshop is about visualizing your dreams, translate this into real goals you want to achieve, and setting the actions to accomplish it.

We need, especially in these challenging times, a positive dot at the horizon. But it’s difficult to imagine when you, and the world around you, is struggling to survive. No worries, in this workshop we help you to define a sunny and bright future.