moral compass

If we want to make a change in the (business) world, we have to start with ourselves. Where intrinsic motivation leads the way and not by rules or laws. To see the (business) world with different eyes.

One of the main drivers of what you do and how you do it, is by values. Please read the following about why values matter so much and how to discover your values which give direction to your work-life.

On a personal level, values represent what you as a individual find important. Such values are not only useful in your personal life, but also reflects how you operate at work, in your family or community. To know your values, gives you clarity and direction.

values give clarity and direction in your life

We can use individual values to find like minded people to connect with and establish a common interest group. Such a group (or community) share the same values. These group members will have a high(-er) intrinsic motivation to collaborate and share, to help others and make progress.


A business operates by it’s purpose, vision, mission and organization values. The business values represent HOW your company operates. It is the agreed human framework of a team of people, how you work together and with all stakeholders.

As Business-Hippie Club we have our own value manifest to show what we stand for in the context of a social economy. It’s the foundation of our holistic approach to accomplish our mission.

a better (business) world starts with you!