values are your compass – workshop


On a personal level, values represent what you as a individual find important. Such values are not only useful in your personal life, but also reflects how you operate at work, in your family or community. To know your values, gives you clarity and direction.

values give clarity and direction in your work-life

A business operates by it’s purpose, vision, mission and organization values. These business values represent HOW your company operates. It is the agreed human framework of a team of people, how you work together and with all stakeholders.


1. Uncovering organizational values and developing a shared organizational purpose

Uncovering an organization’s values and purpose is one of the greatest challenges for companies. The values and purpose of an organization are a binding glue that holds the organization together and guides actions and decision-making. While relatively stable, the values and purpose of an organization can change over time – not least because we live in a VUCA world and the world around us and people change.

Therefore, it is necessary to reflect on the values and purpose again and again and make sure they are still reflecting what the organization is all about. We offer a workshop series that enables organizations to reflect on and define their values and purpose in a multi-step, bottom-up process.


  • Enhanced understanding about the role of values inside organizations
  • Clarification of the role of your business in the wider environment
  • Identification of core values inside organizations and development of a shared purpose based thereon

2. Implementing organizational values and purpose into the organization

An organization’s values and purpose are only valuable when they are operationalized and integrated into every organizational process, system and decision – otherwise, they remain an ideal that is communicated on paper but not lived and breathed. The values and purpose should be reflected in the everyday actions of every employee.

We offer a workshop series that enables organizations to implement their organizational values and purpose such that the organizations remains committed to and does not lose sight of their purpose.


  • Implementation of values based on McKinsey 7-s model
  • Enhanced understanding about how values can guide business decisions
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These workshops are facilitated by our expert on organizational values Janina Klein. Janina is an Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with extensive international work experience in organizational change and consulting. Her values-driven approach is based on the latest academic research and extensive experience researching and consulting mission-driven organizations.

See her LinkedIn profile.


We use our holistic view of how organizations collaborate where all is based on human values. To find the human side back in all (business) things we do. By using an alternative approach to come with fresh ideas and unexpected solutions.


These workshops to discover or implementing values in your organization are available on location, online or hybrid. We make a tailor made workshop program to adjust it to your typical situation. Contact us for more details.

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