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The challenges our planet, societies and economies face, are more significant than ever. In recent years, most of the world has woken up to understand how we need to undertake transitions towards balanced social economies collectively. As a result, business leaders have been pushed to be more responsible by civil society, their employees, governments and international institutions and coalitions – although it’s not enough and too slow.

ensure the Business Hippie Club can deliver on its potential to fight for a balanced social economy, based on human values

We urgently need an international cultural and philosophical revolution that utilizes peace, love and happiness to empower our planet, markets and societies. Who better to drive these transitions and gather global stakeholders to cooperate, educate and accelerate scalable solutions than a club of international connected business hippies?

Yes. Unfortunately, even hippies need capital and resources to change the world we want for everyone and our planet. If you’re not helping all future generations, then where’s your moral compass? Put your money where your mouth is and donate now. Don’t forget to tell your fellow hippies to join the movement and contribute in any way you would like for systemic change!

when was the last time  you checked your emotional bank account


  • organize more online and live events, and produce more valuable content so everyone can enjoy more learnings to make progress in their daily (business) life’s.
  • spread the word in more communities around the globe, with elevating promotion campaigns to gain more awareness about the needed change of the economic systems.
  • use the appropriate systems and applications and make our work not only possible but also more time saving and pleasant.
  • support all our hard working volunteers and contributors with a nice supporting gesture once in a while.

And guess what… if you make a financial contribution you will receive the authentic Business Hippie T-shirt to look cool! (or a cotton bag)


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