business drivers and it’s culture

If you are a (future) Conscious Leader, you know change is imminent. A change in mindset, where you are not only striving for a financial healthy company, but also considering the impact your company has on the well-being of all people involved. We assist you with advice on how to accomplish this goal:

business motivations

investigating the following drivers for a purposeful business

  • your business purpose
  • organization values
  • the company mission
  • future vision

these four elements are used to find the balance between the companies authenticity and ambitions. It defines the WHY of doing business

company values

working with values give your team meaning

  • individual values
  • company values
  • implementation strategies

the business values represent HOW your company operates. It is the agreed human framework of a team of people, how you work together and with all stakeholders

cultural change

change the organization culture first before implementing a strategy

  • behavior
  • mindset
  • leadership

taking care of your culture makes it work smoothly and shows you have respect for your people


If you need advice with one of these topics we can advice you. Our experts are ready for your questions. And yes, as Business Hippie Club we use our holistic view on the world and on how we do business. Using creativity as a tool to end up with unexpected solutions. Having a human approach about change.


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