develop your next solutions

You have wonderful ideas to make our world a better place. To solve the issues in your local community, or addressing the big problems on a worldwide scale, or something on the moon perhaps?

But how do you make your ideas really happen? Having it made available for a greater audience, to connect with other people to collaborate on your idea for further development, or even valorizing your market ready concept to interested parties.

your audience

who is waiting for your concept now, or in the future?

  • understanding users motivations
  • which problems your customer experiences
  • communicating a universal vision
  • creating personal relationships with your users

keeping the expectations of the user in mind, makes it easier to focus on developing your concept

concept value

what value does your concept bring in?

  • understand how your concept provides value
  • the value as the complete benefit your customer receives
  • something is beneficial if it relieves a pain

if your concept is a nice idea but adds no value nobody will use it.

making it reality

how to transform your vague idea into a real concept to be used?

  • collaborating with new partners
  • the technical development of your idea
  • financing to make it possible.

how to collaborate with people or organizations to make your concept work in real life.


If you need assistance with one of these topics we can help you. Our experts are ready for your questions. And yes, as Business Hippie Club we use our own authentic approach to help you making this transformation happen: a holistic view on the world and on how we do business. Using creativity as a tool to end up with unexpected solutions. We have a human approach on change.


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