IB-Live 2.2 Event
The future of Sustainable Business

  • Wednesday May 19 – 2021
  • 9:00 – 18:00 hours (Amsterdam time)
  • Online
  • Dutch Language & English Language

In close cooperation with Avans University in Den Bosch, we co-organize an event for 160 students in the field of study; International Business.

The goal of this challenge day is to develop disruptive concepts (solutions) to some wicked business problems.

160 students will work for a full day on a wicked problem on 1 of the 2 company cases. The assignment is to develop concepts according the BH-Club philosophy where purpose comes before profit and well-being comes before well-fare.

Business case 1 is presented by:

Business case 2 is presented by:

Students will develop a solution to this wicked problem, based on a three phase approach:
1. Performing research on the given topic
2. Developing concepts for a possible solution
3. Business valorization of the proposed solution

All teams will pitch their solutions at the end of the day to a jury, and the winner will receive the Avans / BH-Club Prize.