The society we live in knows three main stakeholders. Each one has it’s own goals and uses different methodologies. These three stakeholders are not separate eco-systems. Hence, they influence each other constantly. This is why we have to connect with one another to align all transformational efforts in order to make real progress. We need to look beyond our own horizons, and combine our strengths. Because we have a joint urgency.


Let’s join forces for an integrated effort to accomplish a social economy based on human values. The Business Hippie Club is here to connect and inspire all people on this planet that want to make real impact.

When joining the Business Hippie Club, you will enjoy:

  • the knowledge and wisdom offered by our experts around the world with online content and workshops, as well during live events
  • the opportunity to enlarge your network and interact with entrepreneurs, creative minds, challengers, crusaders, mavericks, unicorns and other Business Hippies on a local and international scale
  • Being updated with the newest news, the latest events and best inspirational content about our Club’s actions
  • A feeling of fulfilment and energy when giving back to society!