be the CEO of your own life

If you want a free and conscious (business) life, you might want to make some changes as a human being. To function better in your life & work, to experience well-being, or make impact.

This is about being more conscious about your own situation, having a broader view at the role you play in your and other people life’s. To take accountability for your own path to follow. And yes, this will require a change of mindset. Easier said then done of course and this is why we help you to accomplish a free and conscious life.

find your values

to find the values that direct your life

  • what do you find important
  • how to be aware
  • to implement values in life and work

values give clarity and direction in your life.

define your own future

write your own headlines of the future

  • picture your own future
  • what are your dreams
  • what’s holding you back

imagine yourself in the future, and you know what to do today!

empower yourself

be confident about yourself

  • know thyself
  • confidence can be learned
  • how to response in crowds

empowered people unlock their true potential.


If you need assistance with one of these topics, we can help you. We have experts in these mentioned fields who can support you. And yes, as Business Hippie Club we use our holistic view on the world and on how we do business. Using creativity as a tool to end up with unexpected solutions. Having a human approach about change.


These growth programs are available on location and online. If you want to know more, please fill in your contact details and we will be in touch to talk about the best possible help in your situation:

have some questions now?

a better (business) world starts with you!