Be aware that progress is possible, just by making the decision for a new approach on how to do business. Taking responsibility about your company has towards your employees, on the added value you offer to clients and the impact you have in this beautiful world.

If we want to make a change in the business world, we have to start with ourselves. Where intrinsic motivation leads the way and not by rules or laws. To see the (business) world with different eyes.

This mindset change is about knowing who you (truly) are, the purpose and meaning in your life, having a proper work-life balance, finding fulfilment in your work, how you can make impact, all motivated by setting new personal goals.

The Business Hippie Club empowers you with smartness, inspirations and wisdom

As a company you work with a team of individuals, all working on the same targets (right?) What if you change on how you want to do business and choose for more sustainable goals? What does this mean for your business and your organization?

This business mindset change is about setting out a sustainable strategy which includes topics as re-defining your company values, changing the culture and behavior of your team, adjusting your organizational structure accordingly and actively work on stakeholder management.

a better world starts with you!