A social economy is all about people. Where intrinsic motivation leads the way, and not by rules or laws. Where creativity clears our paths to new horizons. And this is where the Business Hippie Club comes in: to empower you to make progress in your personal- and business life. This for individuals, teams and organizations.

sharing and inspiring for the greater good

We will empower you with different types of knowledge, wisdom and experiences. Such as live meet-ups, online workshops, blog articles, quotes, live masterclasses, group sessions and more (to come) Please let us know if you have questions or other requirements we can help you with.

and change your views

know your values

In this masterclass we learn how to write your own Value Manifest.

About what you or your organization find really important and how to apply this in your daily life or work.

Knowing your values will give you direction and focus in your business-life.

Contact us to organize a value masterclass for yourself or your organization

Past event:
April 23 – 2021
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growth mindset

Want to know how you can make progress in your daily life?

This is about how to use your talents and skills by changing your mindset for growth.

Giving you new insights and motivate you to learn new habits and learning skills for progress.

Contact us for a growth mindset Workshop

creativity rules

During these workshops we use art to explore your possibilities.

Using different art techniques or tools to discover your creativity.

Working with art will expand your creative horizon. To inspire you and give you a renewed motivation for change.

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Past event September 9 2021

to innovate for the better

develop your concept

If you have an idea for a solution to a problem but don’t know how to proceed.

We co-develop your idea into a workable concept. to make it happen.

In November 2021 we will introduce new online sessions to help you with Concept Development

Contact us if you need assistance with concepting your idea

challenge for solutions

When you have some wicked problems and want some disruptive answers.

The BH-Club will (co-)organize a challenge where participants develop concepts (solutions) to your wicked problems.

Outsourcing your event to receive answers. This for Universities, Companies, and Social Innovators

Contact us for organizing your challenge

Past Event: May 19 – 2021
The Avans University challenge .

social innovation

You see a problem in your community, work or society and want to do something about it.

We organize a social innovation project where we guide all participants with a outlined approach.

A realistic outcome which satisfies all stakeholders for implementation

Contact us for a social innovation project

to make it happen

business case

Do you want to know if your concept is viable?

We assist you to collect the right information and the right context in different scenario’s.

Know if your concept has the added value as expected, to make a go-no go decision.

Contact us for a business case support

balanced approach

How to mix commercial interests with purpose and meaning.

Here we assist start-ups and companies to implement new concepts with impact.

To find a balanced approach between profit and purpose.

Contact our partner for Business Balance Assistance

scale up

If you already started your innovative project and are ready for the next level

Project assistance with alternative tools and fresh insights for scaling up into new markets or applying in different ways.

With refreshing insights and information, to make it possible.

Contact us for a scale up project

un-learn and learn to make real progress

The mentioned activities are facilitated by The BH-Club in close collaboration with our Partners. If you want to collaborate as a partner, please contact us.