To accomplish a social economy we have to take action. This is why we facilitate a variety of activities. To support individuals, teams and organizations, with personal growth, social interactions and business development.

Personal Growth:

discover your self

Sometimes you need some help. As simple as that. No worries, we can guide you to a sunny horizon with personal hippie coaching sessions to (re-)find your the peace, love & happiness in your life.

Personal Hippie Coaching Sessions

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know your values

In this masterclass we learn how to write your own Value Manifest. About what you or your organization find really important and how to apply this in your daily life or work.

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April 23 – 2021
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visualize your future

How will your future look like, how do you want to be remembered? We will discover your future self and use this as content to publish your own future newspaper. With your headlines and stories about what you have accomplished in a future year.

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June 18 – 2021
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Social Interactions:

bon fire

A meeting with a group of interested people who sit together and talk about the hot topics of our time.

In a social safe and cosy environment, we talk, drink (and eat?) to have a better understanding on how to act on (y)our present concerns.

Bon Fire Talks

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Always wanted to know how others do it? Let’s visit various organizations or companies at their location, to experience first hand, their solution for a social economy.

Safari Tour

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common art

Together we visualize a better future. During these workshops we collaborate on common topics by using art as an inspiration source. With drawing, painting, music, poetry and more.

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Business Development:

develop your idea

If you have a general idea about how to solve a problem, and don’t have the time or knowledge how to take this to the next level. We help you to co-develop your idea into a workable concept.

Concept Co-Creation

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make it happen

If you have a concept and want to take it to the big outside world. We help you by making your concept (commercially) viable.

Valorization support

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balanced approach

Here we assist companies to implement new concepts with meaning. Assisting to find a balanced approach between profit and purpose.

Business Balance Support

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Please note these activities can be initiated or organized by The BH-Club and other activities by our beloved BH-Friends If you want to collaborate please drop us a line.