you are invited to join our club of conscious business leaders

Our present society is based on, and driven by, an outdated economic system. Founded on old values and how we do business.

  • This is the Club where we choose purpose before profit and work on long term goals instead of short term wins.

Where individuals are aware of their own capabilities and roles in this economic playbook. About how you can contribute in your organization and make impact into your community.

  • Every stakeholder in this economic system; Consumers, Entrepreneurs and Officials are to take their responsibility and held accountable for their actions.

You are not alone in this business-life adventure. A lot of business leaders want to make a change for the good. Enhancement is a choice, so take the first step and join our Club.

The Business Hippie Club goal is to achieve a mind change in the business world, where quantitative economic growth is replaced by enhancing the quality of life for all of us!

this is what you can do right now:

for a mind change

There are enough sleeping beauties in this world. We have to wake up and empower ourselves and change how we do business. We cannot expect others to solve our problems. You and your team can start learning anytime you want. Don’t wait for anyone else. It’s up to you.

sustainable solutions

We have to come with alternative solutions for a sustainable business world. So go crazy and come with your disruptive concepts. and share your solutions in our free IdeaBox!

Peace, Love & Happiness!