Thank you Coffeelab

As Business Hippie Club we aim for a balanced social economy. One of our strategies to accomplish this goal is working towards a global mind change by local actions. This is why we are very happy to announce a new local friendship.

The people of Coffeelab and the Business Hippie Club are friends. And friends help each other. So Coffeelab will open their doors of all branches for the Business Hippie Club to hold it’s supporting events at their locations.

Coffeelab is a chain of coffeeshops situated at central locations in the south of the Netherlands. Offering high quality coffee and food, with a hip interior in a friendly atmosphere.

Our friendship is based on the shared values of Peace, Love & Happiness

The view of Coffeelab is to take their mission one step further. They see it as their social responsibility to connect with the people living in their service area’s and to involve them to share and inspire.

As Business Hippie Club we want to contribute to this mission by organizing events to inspire all people in their community and beyond. This is about building a (local) social economy.

So come and get acquainted with people you don’t know yet, to learn and share new insights. Soon we will communicate our programming!

Follow us on the LinkedIn Group to be the first to hear about the program’s and registration.

Worldwide change by local actions

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